We care about your business

Why does it matter?

The worst thing is having a website which is not responsive in design and functionality, and the bad experience a prospective customer has to go through in straining their fingers and eyes just to read the content from your website. Mobile web browsing has now exceeded desktop web browsing so it is imperative that your website is responsive in design and works across all devices and browsers. If you don't have a responsive or mobile friendly website you may as well not have a website.

The website designs which meet Google's requirements for being responsive will get Google’s approval of mobile friendliness which push them up in search rankings. Websites which are not responsive will now be penalised by search engines and this will effect the SEO of these websites considerably, which in turn will affect your business's performance on the internet.

Our responsive web design creates a user-focused and search engine optimised experience for your target customers when they visit your website with any device such as tablets, smart phones or desktops or laptops.

What are responsive Websites?

Responsive websites are websites which work on a range of devices from desktops to mobile phones. Not only do they work effectively but they adjust automatically to the best resolution so your customers can easily navigate and experience your website with full functionality on all of the latest smart devices.

At IMT360 we ensure that we fully test each and every website with all of the latest mobile devices and also the older ones to ensure your website can be viewed by your potential customers.